A sexologist is a expert in the field of sexology, generally a psychiatrist , who as part of his training is well versed in a variety of aspects of human sexuality, from normal sexual development to sexual orientation, the dynamics of sexual relationships and sexual dysfunctions and disorders, like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation , sexual desire problems and anorgasmia.

What types of sexual problems can a sexologist help with?

The following are common concerns that a sexologist helps individuals and couples, address:
• complexity identifying satisfying activities for both partners
• complexity communicating sexual needs and desires
• Lack of Intimacy
• Sexual trauma or sexual abuse history
• Sexual orientation identity
• Sexual compulsion.
• Erectile complexity
• Ejaculatory control complexity including premature ejaculation.
• Lack of or compact desire or arousal
• Complexity maintaining arousal.
• Complexity reaching orgasm.
• Fear of or aversion to touch, intimacy, penetration or pain
• Feeling abnormal (in terms of sexual behavior, fantasy, capability, physique, etc.)
• Feeling inexperienced, uninformed or misinformed, & unskilled in sexual matters.
• Feeling ashamed of sexuality or sexual desires
• Not finding satisfying sexual activities or maintaining intimacy after surgery, a health crisis, ongoing health challenges or during pregnancy and parenthood.