Does Semen Retention Actually Do Anything?

Does Semen Retention Actually Do Anything?

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The avoidance of male ejaculation either through sexual abstinence, or by practicing sexual intercourse without ejaculation.

Importantly, semen retention does not refer to the avoidance of orgasm. In this practice, orgasm is separated from ejaculation, making it possible to enjoy the full pleasure of sexual intercourse – including orgasm – without experiencing seminal ejaculation.

Semen retention is not to be confused with modern-day practices such as NoFap and Orgasm control. Although both of these treat Orgasm and ejaculation specially, they ultimately permit ejaculation-

Orgasm control, also referred to as edging, peaking, or surfing. Orgasm and ejaculation are delayed, but eventually allowed at the end of the sexual session.

When a man [ejaculates] in order to scratch his itch, to experience a few seconds of euphoria, he immediately goes into some form of deficiency, which every man feels. He puts his limp penis away, as there’s nothing it wants to do anymore. Many men fall asleep after cumming, and some become totally disinterested in the partner they occur to be with, once the deed is done.

Semen retention is the sexual practice of avoiding ejaculation. Some people do this by abstaining from all sexual activity, but in some traditions (including tantric sex), practicing semen retention means learning to have an orgasm without ejaculating, also known as a dry orgasm.

Semen retention benefits

The main reason people choose to practice semen retention is so that they can maintain an erection after orgasm, which leaves the opportunity to have multiple orgasms and continue pleasuring a partner, typically, the penis undergoes a refractory period after ejaculation in which it can’t get hard again, but this doesn’t happen after dry orgasms.

More sexual stamina (the ability to have sex for longer periods of time because you’re not ejaculating so quickly)

The potential for multiple orgasms (because you can have many non-ejaculatory orgasms in a row without a refractory period)

More self-control and body awareness (because of the practice involved in learning to orgasm without ejaculation)

Better sperm quality (more sperm, with higher motility, in your next ejaculation)

Increased testosterone, potentially (more on that below)

Stronger life force energy (some spiritual practices, like tantra, believe semen retention has energetic benefits).


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